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Sustainability requires committment

The danger with sustainability is that it becomes a box-ticking exercise, whereby businesses lose sight of the rationale behind it in the rush for the all-important sustainable business credentials.

Perhaps we shouldn't be too concerned by this, because with familiarity comes understanding and to a certain extent, it has already happened. We now have terms like 'greenwash' where companies might spend a lot of money touting their 'green credentials', and rather less resources are injected into making systemic changes to their businesses to reduce waste and consumption.

However, any well-managed, progressive business now looks at sustainability as a practical framework for reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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Xpect sustainable events as standard

Sustainable standards were created in response to mounting environmental awareness within the event industry, and with the backing and support of the associations, they were incorporated into the international standard for sustainable events.

Along with our mission to provide quality and excellence, as holders of the internationally recognised ISO 20121:2012 Sustainable Events Management certification we continue to realise our long-standing commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

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Legislation for sustainable business

Of course, legislation and regulation are also powerful factors in changing behaviour to make businesses more sustainable. Restrictions like the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone and similar initiatives in Europe are forcing businesses to ensure their fleets meet improved environmental standards, but the concomitant efficiencies regarding fuel consumption and the bottom line are similarly beneficial.

To aid logistical efficiency, Xpect Furniture products are largely stackable and lightweight and we aim to use materials that are reparable, recyclable or renewable.

You might be asking yourselves, who benefits from all this? Well essentially, everyone! Primarily, businesses are moving in the right direction, event businesses in particular, to create cleaner, environmentally sustainable industries and that's a win for the public and the environment. Customers win through greater efficiencies and lowered overall costs, and businesses win by cutting costs for fuel, power, water and waste disposal.

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