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Sean Puleston

Site Manager

Meet Sean Puleston, our awesome site manager! He joined Xpect in 2022 and brings an extensive 25 years’ experience in similar roles. Sean's responsibilities are crucial to ensuring everything runs smoothly in our furniture logistics process.

His job includes planning on-site deliveries, managing site operations, and coordinating deliveries/collections from various venues across the UK. Working closely with organisers, he ensures that every event's furniture setup is perfect.

A typical day for Sean involves unloading trucks, arranging stock for delivery and organising the team, making sure everyone knows their tasks for that day. When our furniture gets delivered to a venue, Sean sets up areas according to the plans and meets with organisers to address any needs or changes.

Sean's expertise doesn't come without qualifications – he's a certified craft trainer and well-versed in site health and safety, including first aid. He's also skilled in operating forklifts, making the whole logistics process more efficient.

What sets Sean apart is his dedication to Xpect. He says, it's “in his blood” having spent so many years committed to this line of work. But it's not just the job that keeps him going; it's the people too. At Xpect, he feels like he's part of a big family. Over the years, Sean has built meaningful relationships with people on-site and at the venues, making the job even more rewarding.

Outside of work, Sean has a couple of passions that bring him immense joy. He's a devoted Brentford FC fan, proudly holding a season ticket and traveling to support his team at away matches. On top of that, Sean is a loving grandfather to six grandkids, and he cherishes every moment spent with them.

So, when you see someone at your event orchestrating the delivery and setup of our fantastic furniture, it might just be Sean Puleston, our seasoned pro! We're incredibly grateful to have such a dedicated and friendly member in our Xpect family.

Stay tuned for more meet-the-team stories coming your way!

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