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Mark McCool

Operations Transport Manager

I joined the Xpect Furniture team in 2020 as the Operations Transport Manager. With over 20 years of experience in a similar role, transitioning to Xpect felt like a breeze, especially since I was joining up with colleagues I'd worked with in the past. It's amazing how quickly I settled in…

As Operations/Transport Manager, most of my time is dedicated to keeping an eye on all up-and-coming jobs (shows/exhibitions) to make sure the right amount of transport is allocated for each drop off and collection. It’s important to note, that if a show or exhibition’s requirements grow in demand, and we need to drop off more furniture/flooring closer to the deadline, my role is to add more transport where required. Making sure our fleet of vans are in tip top shape is also a job I like to keep on top of, as these are one of many very valuable assets for Xpect!

I also support the day-to-day organisation of the Xpect logistics team. Whether that’s raising PO’s for additional workers where we’ve needed extra help, administration for the guys on the road or liaising with the Warehouse Manager to ensure efficient loading and unloading of stock. It’s super important to be on top of all these operations because when we hit our busy periods it can be a logistical enigma and it can be challenging.

However, I do get a lot of job satisfaction in the busy periods as they keep you on your toes and no two days are the same. The great thing about working at Xpect is, when it is busy, you can count on everyone to go the extra mile and help each other out to get the job done.

Although I love spending time with the Xpect family, my time outside of work is dedicated to coaching the local under 14s football team. When I am not coaching, I am supporting Watford FC, a team I love, but I’d say isn’t very enjoyable to support right now! Outside of football, you will often find me at the weekends, listening to live bands with friends and family in my local area, where there is plenty of choice!

Stay tuned for more meet-the-team stories coming your way!

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