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Frazer Read

Warehouse Manager

It was 2020 when I first joined Xpect Furniture as warehouse manager. During the first couple of months, I had the chance to fully immerse myself in the Xpect culture and although I met most of the team over Microsoft Teams, I felt immediately at ease once the introductions were complete. Fast forward four years, and with the events sector back up and running again, we are looking forward to another successful year!

As Warehouse Manager, I undertake a series of key operational tasks that ensure the wheels keep turning and the deliveries leave the warehouse. From picking and packing to cleaning, loading, and unloading lorries, I get stuck in to help where I can. When I am not on the warehouse floor, I am making sure our staff are well looked after and have everything they need to do their job effectively.

It is great working at Xpect because it is a home from home and every day is a new challenge, not to mention the fantastic team I have around me who are a pleasure to work with! If I ever need any help with tasks that require the assistance of other departments, they are quick to act, and this makes my job easier!

In my downtime at the weekends and after work I love spending time with my family and watching films, whether that is an action-packed thriller or a comedy I’m there!

Stay tuned for more meet-the-team stories coming your way!

Sam Hunt

With expertise in digital marketing, Sam is well placed to provide insightful information to brands looking to elevate their exhibition presence with stunning rental furniture from Xpect.