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Fitting your back-of-house with comfortable and reliable furniture will set the solid foundations in place for a successful event. Ensuring your team are performing at their optimum is essential for a successful show day.

Your hub for event organisers, volunteers, and support staff should always be a relaxing and productive environment to work in as this will have a big impact on productivity, communication, and overall efficiency when there is a dedicated space equipped with the right furniture.

Common Oversights in Event Planning

In the hustle and bustle of planning for a large-scale event, such as an exhibition, show, or corporate event, perfecting the layout and organising all the exhibitors might be your top priority, and so it should be! However, ensuring your back-of-house team are operating in the most effective environment will be the backbone of your operation.

Constraints might occur when you think about why you might not need back-of-house furnishing. One key factor might be time constraints. When planning for large scale shows/exhibitions, you might forget that you will need somewhere for your team to sit!

Solutions and Recommendations

When it comes to finding a solution to your requirements, a reliable furniture supplier who can listen to your unique desires is all you need! With Xpect, you can order all your exhibition furniture from one place, giving you reassurance and saving time.

Some important points to include when starting your planning process to make sure you do not forget about your back-of-house team: allocating a specific budget for office furniture, including a designated back-of-house area in the event layout, or including your back-of house team within the planning process to ensure you have the perfect amount of furniture required.

Renting vs Purchasing Exhibition Furniture

When you choose to rent furniture, you enjoy the benefits of flexibility and avoiding the hassle of storing numerous pieces yourself. Storage space and seating is often at a premium in most venues, and optimising every inch is crucial. Renting furniture provides you with that additional legroom!

At Xpect, our warehouse can accommodate thousands of pieces of furniture, ranging in various weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a coffee table, office chair, bar stool, table, or anything else in our catalogue, we have you covered. The diverse selection of furniture options allows you to craft a unique and special ambiance within your exhibition hall or large event.

The Benefits for Event Organisers

It is important to understand the advantages of renting proper back-of-house furniture. Improved organisation, streamlined communication, and enhanced productivity are all benefits you’ll gain.

A well-furnished office space can contribute to a more seamless and successful event execution. This is because your team will be inspired and comfortable in the environment, they are working in.

So, when you are looking to furnish your next large-scale show, it is important to note the impact of the back-of-house environment.

Good luck organising your next show! Xpect team.

Sam Hunt

With expertise in digital marketing, Sam is well placed to provide insightful information to brands looking to elevate their exhibition presence with stunning rental furniture from Xpect.